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For full spectrum viewer functionality, please use Google Chrome. Other browsers do not support all features built
into the viewer and using them will result in display issues and possibly other loss of functionality.

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cFluor and ViaDye are trademarks of Cytek Biosciences. APC/Fire, PE/Dazzle, Spark Blue, Tag-It Violet, Zombie Aqua, Zombie Green, Zombie Red, Zombie Violet, Zombie Yellow, Zombie NIR, and PE/Fire are trademarks and property of BioLegend, Inc. "BV" stands for Brilliant Violet™, which is a trademark of Sirigen Group Ltd. BV480, BB515, BB700 and APC-R700 are part of the BD Horizon™ brand, which is a trademark of BD Biosciences. BUV395, BUV496, BUV563, BUV661, BUV737, BUV805, and PE-CF594 are part of the BD OptiBuild™ and BD Horizon™ Brands, which are registered trademarks of BD Biosciences. APC-H7 is part of the BD Pharmingen™ brand, which is a trademark of BD Biosciences. Alexa Fluor, eFluor, LIVE/DEAD, DyLight, CellTrace, CellTracker, MitoSOX, and MitoTracker are trademarks of Thermo Fisher Scientific. Qdot is a registered trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific. Cy and CyDye are registered trademarks of GE Healthcare. Vio is a registered trademark of Miltenyi Biotec GmbH. DRAQ5 and DRAQ7 are registered trademarks of Biostatus Limited. CF, Live-or-Dye, and NucView are registered trademarks of Biotium, Inc. Ghost Dye, redFluor, and violetFluor are trademarks of Tonbo Biosciences. NovaBlue and NovaYellow are registered trademarks of Phitonex, Inc. Krome Orange is a trademark of Beckman Coulter. Northern Lights is a registered trademark of R&D Systems. Janelia Fluor is a registered trademark of Tocris Bioscience. KIRAVIA Dyes™ and KIRAVIA Blue 520™ are trademarks of SONY Corporation. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Allophycocyanin (APC) conjugates: US Patent No. 5,714,386 PE-Cy7: US Patent No. 4,542,104 APC-Cy7: US Patent No. 5,714,386. DsRed and Fruit Fluorescent Proteins (e.g. mCherry): U.S. Patent No. 7,005,511; 7,157,566; 7,393,923 and 7,250,298. OC515 and APC-C750 are trademarks and property of Cytognos S.L..

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